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030/8: 2x 200A PDB / 4x 20cm 8AWG

030/8: 2x 200A PDB / 4x 20cm 8AWG

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All-in-one PDB for Pixhawk 2.1 (The Cube) and any other flight controller via an adapter cable. With an integrated 2x200A hall sensor, Sensor Hub X2, 4-14S HYB-BEC, and most importantly a main power switch with a continuous current of 400A. The outputs are over 3.5mm banana connectors, plus spare BEC connectors after the switch and before the switch.

This design lets you connect the main batteries to heat up the Cube and get GPS lock without powering up all the rest of the equipment. When ready, just press the power switch and fly.

Less wiring = Cleaner builds

Protect your ESC’s and other equipment due to smooth power-up from GND.

Recommended maximum AUW of UAV = 50kg.


Input 2x 4-14S (absolute max.60V) with transient spikes of max. 65V.

2x 200A = 400A (continues) 1,200A @ 25’C for 1sec.

Hub X2 can be deactivated for single battery usage.

5.3V / 3A power supply for Flight Controller

2x 20cm 8AWG input cables (red/black)

Only 75 x 49 x 27mm -> 110g (without cables)


Scope of delivery:

1x PDB with soldered-on input wires (2x 20cm 8AWG)

1x 042: PL – FC cable for Pixhawk 2.1 (The Cube)

20x 3.5mm bullet connectors (male)

2x 26cm Red/Black shrinking tube

2 pairs AMASS / AS150 connector

REM: Delivery without 059: Power-Switch

For more info, please check the manual of the product.


Please allow up to 12 working days for shipment, as this part is made on order.

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