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051-24: Power-Cube 1 / V3 Output voltage up to 30V

051-24: Power-Cube 1 / V3 Output voltage up to 30V

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Input voltage up 60V. -> Min input voltage 3V higher than the output voltage.

Power-Cube 1-24 "V3" with 1 output 12V - 30V / 100W on resistive load. / 50W on inductive load.

The output voltage can be customized. Please contact us, if you need a different output voltage. If no output voltage is specified, then we deliver the 24V version.

REM: Delivery without 059: Power-Switch . Please order it separately if required.

Scope of delivery:

1x Power-Cube 1-24 / V3 with CFK enclosure and fan.

1X Output cable Clik-Mate-6p / 3x white (positive) and 3x black (GND) / L=200mm

The Power-Cube series can be customized. Therefore, they’re produced according to order and it might take up to 12 business days to ship the parts out
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